Meditation – Subtle is significant


DATE: March 20
TEACHER: James Maskalyk
THEME: Subtle is significant.
MEDITATION:  Relaxed awareness

James:  Meditation is not something best saved for the cushion.   It finds its most unique expressions as it enters our daily lives.  I asked Shinzen once how often he meditated, and he said, “all the time”.  At first I thought he meant he as always using a technique, but I believe now he meant there was an aspect of awareness of the present moment, its rising and passing, available throughout his experience.  We are going to work with that in this week’s sit, the subtle awareness, not single-pointed concentration like breath-counting, but a flimsier, lighter version that can be painted gently on our experience.  Then, in the interactive session, we are going to lie down, tune in, drop out, and get played by music.