The Doorway of the Absent Love

TEACHER: Avi Craimer and Jocelyn Rose
THEME: Yearning
MEDITATION:  The doorway of the absent love

Avi: Devotion is all about loving and being loved, not just a friendly kind of love, but a passionate, powerful love. Like the love a mother for her baby, or the love of two lovers for each other. Yet, so often in life we experience the absence of the kind of love we seek. Perhaps we were not loved by our mother and father in the way we needed to be. Maybe we can’t find the type of deep companionship we seek in a friend or romantic partner. At times we all experience love’s absence. In tonight’s meditation, we’ll explore this experience of love’s absence as a backdoor into discovering the divine Beloved. In the second half, Jocelyn Rose will lead us in sing-along kirtan chanting.