The “I” in Insight

TEACHERS: Kevin Lacroix and Jennifer Mason
THEME: The “I” in Insight
MEDITATION: Abiding in ‘I am’
INTERACTIVE: Vocal Presence

Kevin: Tonight, we rest in the the fundamental felt sense of “I am-ness” that pervades all of our experience. Sure – we can call it consciousness, or awareness. But what happens when we let go of those labels and concepts and just feel into it? Might we might discover some relief, some sense of freedom, or some insight into the nature of our experience and ourselves? In the second half, Jennifer Mason ( will facilitate an exploration of the resonance of Being shared among us when we join our voices together.  We’ll play with toning, singing, and harmony, using our voices to move attention between interior resonance (your voice vibrating in your body) and awareness of energetic resonance beyond the body.