The Light That Shines On Everything

DATE: November 26
TEACHER:  Kevin Lacroix
THEME: The Light That Shines On Everything
MEDITATION:  Human Sacrifice! (I know, right? Finally!)
INTERACTIVE:  Song of Ourselves

Kevin: Tonight, the spirit of devotion, we offer a human sacrifice! Well, kinda.  Okay, for context: I used to like to (half) joke about how atheism brought me closer to ‘God’.  What I really meant by this was simply that by letting go/clearing out the reified and obstructive notions of “God” that I had passively adopted as a child, the process of opening up to the experience/unfolding/contact with whatever-you-want-to-call-it (Absolute, Source, True Nature, Tao, God, etc.*) began. Tonight we will explore what it is like to lovingly offer  – or ’sacrifice’ – our selves to our experience. In the second half, we will sing with abandon (and devotion), seeing how it feels to sing ‘as the group’ rather than singing “as an individual in the group’.