Turn Toward, Turn Away

TEACHER:Kevin Lacroix
THEME: Turn Toward, Turn Away
MEDITATION:Feel In, Feel Rest
INTERACTIVE:What is felt, who feels it.

Kevin: The body can – I would even venture to say needs to – metabolize emotion, and can tell us what it is about, what it needs, what WE need. If we are willing to do the difficult work of being with it and listening. Sometimes that means turning towards difficult emotional body sensation. Other times it might be too much to take on all at once and we might need to turn away from it – allowing it to be there in the background – while we focus our attention on something else to ground ourselves. Tonight we will explore both of these options and how they might serve us in daily life. In the second half, we will complement the mediation with some writing exercises that will bring a dose of self-inquiry into the emotional narratives of our lives.