What is the Thread?

TEACHER: Kevin Lacroix
THEME: What is the Thread?
MEDITATION: Self Inquiry
INTERACTIVE: Writing & re-writing ourselves.

Kevin: Is anything about you is the same as yesterday? As last year? As your earliest childhood memory? You shed trillions of cells every day. Your size, shape, and voice keep changing, as do the contents of your thoughts and feelings. They all change from from moment to moment, day to day, year to year.  And yet, there is a thread that runs through it all. There is a constant, ever-present, essential something that illuminates everything that we understand to be an “I”. Some traditions (like Advaita) call that something ‘awareness’. Others, like Zen, might point towards qualities of emptiness, luminance, or open-heartedness. Tonight we’ll look for ourselves and see how that thread of “I” shows up for each of us (or doesn’t!). To use this month’s theme – we’ll peer into the paper upon which our story is being written. In the second half, we’ll take that a bit more literally and playfully as we take pen to paper and write several synopses of our life stories (from different perspectives) and see what impact that has (or hasn’t) on our personal narratives.