Alex is a creative-writing teacher, journalist and author. She writes on human rights and social justice issues, including the award-winning  Up Ghost River and  The Environment Equation, a guide to eco-friendly living published in twelve countries. She teaches creative non-fiction at the University of Toronto, and in her spare time volunteers with at risk women at  Up With Women, and mentors northern youth at  DreamCatcher Mentoring.

Having gotten lost too many times to count in her own mental chatter, she specializes in mindfulness techniques of focus and equanimity so that losing one’s way doesn’t happen as often, and doesn’t feel as bad. She enjoys discovering and sharing poems and books that are road maps to being fully present and alive.

Alex has been meditating since 2011, when Jeff took her hand over a soggy chicken lunch and taught her some techniques to get over heartbreak. It’s helped her cope with flighty lovers ever since.