Seishin has spent more than a decade working in the Toronto tech startup space as a computer scientist, wearing nearly every hat imaginable.
In 2018, after seeing that her typical modern way of life was unsustainable both for her own wellbeing and for the sustainability of life on earth, she left full-time work and entered intensive monastic training. She trains under Soryu Forall at the Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Life on Earth, and has done several multi-month solitary retreats. She now runs a contemplative training centre named Willow ( near Toronto.
She is a teacher in the Monastic Academy system, a certified Circling (relational practice) facilitator, and is working on certification for Internal Family Systems and the Bio-Emotive Framework. She believes that emotional healing and deep contemplative transformation are inextricably linked, and she is dedicated to bringing integrated transformational work to everyday life. Her hope in life is to help people come into contact with what is truly important to them, and to live in ways that are in integrity with that.