From Habit To Ritual

THEME: From habit to ritual
MEDITATION: Hold it now…..hit it
INTERACTIVE: Slow and low, that is the tempo.

Everybody catch the boogaloo flu.  Actually, don’t.  It’s incurable. Before you know it, you’ll be on automatic, boogalooing up and down the avenue, unable to stop enough to catch your breath.  During this non-Beastie Boy themed session, we are going to tune into automaticity, not the easy response that comes from a natural place, but it’s evil cousin, the habit, the entrained neural pattern that activates our behavior before we have had time to decide whether an action serves us.  For the sit, we focus on subtle activations, for the interactive, we identify a space in our life where habit has crept in over intention, and next week, see what space ritual has in slowing us down. making us alive to our power.