Giving and Getting

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Giving and Getting
MEDITATION: Don’t Know Mind
GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 1: What Does Activate Even Mean?

Beneath that secret contemplative circuit is, apparently, an equally secret dynamic hiding right in plain sight: giving is getting and getting is giving. Expressing your caring in action is, they say, a healing practice, and letting yourself receive someone’s concern with gratitude completes the exchange. We think it’s money we want, but when you ask folks on their deathbed about what matters, most of them don’t talk about their RRSPs – they talk about love and connection. Yet, because some version of this sentiment is on the cover of every freaking Hallmark card, we don’t take it as seriously as we might. It’s too easy, too … Pollyanna. Thus in our haste and our stress, we privilege other messages and other ethics. Is this true – is giving really getting? Or have I watched one too many Disney films? To kick-off Activation month, we’ll explore this apparent dynamic first-hand, and find out what activation means for each of us personally.