Grasping vs. Accepting

Jeff (and Erin): I’ve always thought the opposite of acceptance was resistance. And I’ve got plenty of that. But lately I’ve been tuning into a different way we don’t allow what’s happening, and that is by grasping or holding on. It’s a big theme in Buddhism obviously, but it has never been a big theme in my practice. I notice it now: a desperate need for THIS movie to make me happy, for THIS thing to work out, so much invested in finding the right (temporary) coping strategy for my continuous challenges.
The solution is available in a moment. Notice: “oh, I’m doing that desperate thing” – it’s a FEELING. What if, instead, I just let the thing I’m holding onto so tightly just be what it is? Then: a lightness, a buoyancy, a fresh capacity for appreciation.

This Monday night we explore grasping versus accepting.