How To Bow

TEACHER: D r James
THEME: How to bow
MEDITATION: Full surrender.
INTERACTIVE: How low can you go

The world is a beautiful place, but it is a hard one too.  Despite our furtive attempts to know it, even how  we fit, it consistently outpaces both our hopes and imaginations.  The search can leave us feeling alone, irritated, confused.  A question emerges, as possible antidote: are you bowing deeply enough?  To the mystery, to the person passing you in the subway turnstile fighting the same big questions, to yourself, as jeweled as any other facet of  Indra’s net. This week, we sit, and let go.  And let go.  And let go.  Perhaps we find, even with all that letting go, somehow, we are still, somehow held.  Then, we bow.