In And Through The Body

Steph: I used to be interested in pushing my body – to see how far it could go. I climbed big mountains, ran a marathon, partied for days… you get the idea. More recently, I’m still interested in exploring the limits of my body, but what I’m exploring has changed. What interests me now is how many different ways I can heal my body. Life experience, accidents, illness, and birthing and caring for a child have taken its toll on my middle aged body, and as a result, my focus has shifted to exploring all the ways I can heal my body. My explorations into healing have led me to discover different movement modalities, wisdom traditions, stillness practices and more, to land here –  on a meditation practice, combined with energy work, and a focus on the body that is healing for mind, body and spirit. Join me for tonight’s exploration in and through the body in a Samatha inspired, Reiki energy infused meditation, that uses both the breath and body to bring the mind-body connection back into alignment.