TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Christine Pountney
THEME: Inhibition
INTERACTIVE: “All Pathology Starts with Inhibition”

“All pathology starts with inhibition.” Dr. Henri Laborit said that. I don’t know who he is either, although Wikipedia tells me he’s a dead French guy who experimented on rats. But let’s run with his idea. My friend Christine believes that whenever we willingly block the natural free flow of ourselves, we’ve passed judgment on ourselves. She asks: “What would it be like to live without judgment, to breathe and move without judgment? What would we learn from all those impulses, expressions, thoughts and feelings, if we had them before we judged them? Are we even aware of what we allow to live and what we prohibit in ourselves? How much more do we have to censor once we begin?” This Monday, we explore the pros and cons of inhibition, imagining a different world, and the freedom to be drunk on ourselves.