Into the Underworld!

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Challenge
MEDITATION: Into the Underworld!
GROUP PRACTICE:  These are all the ways I suck, and this is what it feels like to talk about my suckage with you.

This week we take our medicine. We learn how, in TS Elliot’s words, “to be restored, our sickness must grow worse.” It’s arguably the most important week of the month, where a lot of deep learning happens. You thought you meditated to feel good, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But meditation isn’t about feeling good. It’s about growing as a human being, and to do that you need to brave. You need to be willing to look at the hard, ugly stuff, your anger and your hurt and your pettiness and whatever else you don’t want people to see. Because what you don’t own eventually own you. So yeah! It’s happy happy time! It would be easy to make birdy chirp chip noises every week and sing kumbaya and say everything is awesome, but it ain’t and you ain’t (and I sure as shit ain’t) and since I’m motivated to try and actually help you guys, this is where we pull up our britches and charge into the underworld on our motorbikes with flames coming out of our eye-sockets.