Life is a Highway

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Life is a Highway
MEDITATION: I Wanna Ride it All Night Long
GROUP PRACTICE: Are You Going my Way?

CEC’s Emily Squirrell gave me this idea and I love it. All this talk of meditation-as-path. Well of course, in some ways EVERYONE is on a path, we just rarely take the time to look at it that way.  For this group practice, bring a pencil and paper. We’ll try to draw where we are in our journey through life – is there a secret trajectory you’ve never noticed, a set of territories, some pattern or patterns waiting to be found? We’ll do our best to take a snapshot of our current position in time, see what resolves when we take the Big Picture perspective and find out who else might be going our way (maybe they can pay for the gas). Thanks to Tom Cochrane for this week’s  soundtrack.