Lighting in a Bottle

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Lighting in a Bottle
MEDITATION: Verve and Vitality
GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 5: Activating
This last week, we finalize the details of each initiative and share them with the larger group. We’ll explore how to energize the language of caring with an automatic writing exercise, empowering each other to unleash our store of voodoo love lightning. And then – blue bolts of electricity in our teeth – we’ll jump around like happy idiots and run off into the night to annoy friends and family with our virtuous plans. Later that week, XX new Activate posts will appear on the CEC website, regular initiatives with rotating committees that anyone can participate in.
Yeah, it’s ambitious. It’s also just the beginning. Hopefully this month we’ll learn some lessons about what works and what doesn’t, streamline our process so the next round of Activation can be even more effective and inclusive.