… look where you want to go.

James: Neurobehaviouralists suggest we experience only the surprising. Everything else gets lost into the deep blue of our subconscious mind, with its business ends of icebergs and ridiculous fishes. The connections made there are so beyond comprehension, no number could catch them. You can get a sense of what might remain unseen in at least a couple ways, though. First, reaffirm the surprising. This is what we do when we bring our attention to the moment again; we glance at its newness. It is why in many studies, a meditator’s mind finds the third ring of a bell as exciting (at least on EEG) as the first, when others, by the second, are tuning it out. The second way is to let the sea settle, and watch where the waves break. Why would we want to do that? Well, so we don’t lose energy in  squalls we could avoid, so in the sit, we’re going to do that in order, and see if we can surprise ourselves with some smooth sailing.