Negotiating With Reality

THEME: Negotiating with reality
MEDITATION: Stop negotiating!
GROUP PRACTICE:  Let’s negotiate with each other about the not-negotiating.

Everything in its place – like, don’t like, good, bad, yes, no. We got preferences. Reality is like “I want to be me!”  but you have a better idea: a customized Reality Approval Process (RAP), which you impose over everything and everyone, cluttering the moment with your categories. Whether this actually helps you function in life we’ll leave as an open question – certainly some categories are necessary, otherwise you’d get killed trying to make-out with a speeding bus. But others … well, one thing is clear: when it comes to meditation, they can get in the way. Jude Star will lead us through a classic meditation on reserving judgment and staying open to experience, and then for the group practice we’ll explore how this plays out in our actual day-to-day lives.