New Spaces

THEME: New Spaces

“Expanded State of Consciousness” was a hot topic back in the 70s, back when everyone was dropping acid and chanting TM mantras. The vague suggestion was of some ultimate state, but in reality there is no “ultimate” state – just many different flavours and experiences  (unless by “ultimate state” you count the non-experience called a  cessation in Buddhism). This week skilled psychonaut Avi Craimer takes us through four different realms of spacious awareness, also known as the “ jhanas”. The first is physical space without objects, the second is the space of energy, ideas, and aliveness, the third is a space of peaceful darkness or nothingness, and the forth is a space of oneness or wholeness. Exploring the jhanas is a lifetime practice; in this meditation we do a drive-by tour. Then in the social practice, we’ll interactively explore what are known in Buddhism as the four  Brahma Viharas, or four “immeasurables”, aka Friendliness, Compassion, Altruistic Joy, and Equanimity.