One Awareness

TEACHER: Kevin Lacroix
THEME: One Awareness
MEDITATION: Everything is Happening!
INTERACTIVE: More Nondual Party Tricks

Kevin: In the excited words of hockey commentator, Bob Cole, “Everything is happening!” While I’m pretty sure he was just desperately trying to keep on top of a chaotic flurry of scoring chances in a playoff game, part of me likes to think that the wizened broadcaster was actually momentarily overcome by insight: There is only one thing that is ever happening: everything. But what is “everything”? And if no two experiences of it could ever be the same, how do we relate to each other? How do we share the same world? Maybe we don’t. Maybe an external world isn’t a thing we share, but rather, all we share is the blank screen of consciousness that gives rise to it. Which for some reason, when we notice this, can help free us up to totally fall in love with each other, in a way that is blisteringly romantic and wildly cosmic at the very same time. Everybody: meet Everything!