Premature Enlightenment: How Embarrassing!

TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Sarah McCarthy
THEME: Premature Enlightenment: How Embarrassing!
MEDITATION: Preparing the Body
INTERACTIVE: Repellent Spiritual Speed Dating

For this special edition of CEC, I will be joined by my pal Sarah McCarthy, a smart Gestalt psychotherapist, who will lead the group in a delightful exploration of all that is most nauseatingly precious and sanctimonious and authoritarian about spirituality, such as, ahem, the finger-wagging moral uptightness, the desperate amphetamine-fueled seeking, not to mention the endless oppressive injunctions to “be mindful,” all of which lay like hidden traps in the jungle of our collective psyches, traps lined with bloody spikes and surrounded by the vacant-eyed skulls of the dead. And then my friends we shall bake a cake and make merry, for such are the joys of spirited jungle living.

Oh and there really will be a speed dating exercise with a most repellent and diabolical twist.