The Future

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: The Future
GROUP PRACTICE: Activate 7: The Future of the CEC.

Our final activate session, at least for this round, this one is about the CEC itself. Based on what we learned last week, what can be integrated into how we do things at the CEC? Should we start new initiates, or refine and deepen exiting ones? If the CEC’s mandate is to improve the lives of everyone who moves through it, then how can we get better at this? In other words, what the hell do you guys want, and if it’s to punch yourself right in the face, then have you carefully placeda cushion behind you to protect your head? For the group practice, we will all stand in a long line and, to the sweet strains of some annoying Cat Stevens song, simultaneously punch ourselves in the face, thus ending this amazing experiment and keeping it real in a way I don’t pretend to understand.