“The menu is not the meal” – Alan Watts

THEME: “The menu is not the meal” – Alan Watts
MEDITATION: Hello my Narrator Friend, Allow Me to Get Some Distance
INTERACTIVE: “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture”

Consider this possibility: from one meditative perspective, no narrative is ever actually happening. Ever. That is to say, the content of the story that our internal – or external – narrator is spinning is not actually happening.  At best, verbal or visual narrative is a description, as ill equipped to convey the experience it describes as a photograph of water is to quench our thirst. It’s the finger pointing at the moon – the menu, not the meal. What becomes available to us when we learn to distinguish between them? Can a more complete direct experience be unearthed? That’s what we’ll explore with the CEC’s nondual enthusiast Kevin Lacroix. And for the interactive, we’ll take a different tact, and see if we can dance our way into an irreducible appreciation of architecture.