Thoughts and Aversion

THEME: Thoughts and Aversion
MEDITATION: Mind the Gap

This will be cool. For the first part Jude will roll out a classic Tibetan practice his mammy taught him, where you pay attention to the space between thoughts, trying to stay with the feeling and quality of the empty gap. Then for the group practice, we try to figure out what primary pattern or bias of thinking each of us gets into – is it ruminating about the past, strategizing about the future, or are you more genuinely embedded in the present – and what does that even mean? What secret aversions motivate you, pin-balling around your brain, keeping you in jail? Because make no mistake: aversion is jail. Everywhere you’re too scared to go is another part of the free world you are closing off to yourself. How big is your cell? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Maybe it’s time for a sturdy nail file and some squint-eyed Clint Eastwood patience so you can Escape from Alcatraz.