The Trouble with Peak Experiences

TEACHER:  Jeff Warren
THEME: The Trouble with Peak Experiences
MEDITATION: Technology of Bliss
INTERACTIVE: Feeling a bit Peaked

Peak experiences are excellent. I mean, they’re called peak experiences – what do you expect? They’re fun and rapturous and connected and whatever other adjective qualifies as “peak” for you. There’s nothing worse than finger-wagging spiritual scolds telling you practice can’t be exciting. We are all for peak experiences at the CEC. For our main meditation we’ll explore exactly this: the technology of bliss. The “trouble” comes when we start to conflate temporary effects with achievable long-term results. This leads to a classic trap: we end up trying to stabilize a permanent high, getting ever more disappointed at the inevitable comedown. In the interactive practice, we’ll explore what part of our highs we can realistically hold on to, and what parts are best to let come and go.