Who’s Your Mama? Nature!

Caitlin:┬áMother-child relationships are notoriously fraught. Beyond the messy human dynamics though, we each have a relationship with Mother Earth. While the climate crisis signals that our collective relationship to Mother Earth is also fraught, reconnecting with nature and nurtuting that relationship holds promise for personal, global and planetary health. Ecopsychology, the combination of ecology and psychology, offers a framework for building healthy relationships to ourselves, our communities and our planet. Ecopyschology reminds us that in our quests for health and wholeness, we must relate to the world around us…well, relationally. Beyond false dichotomies, ecopsychology prompts us to re-member ourselves as co-extensive of and co-existent with our physical and social environments. The answers to our current predicaments – from the personal to the global – can be found within the wide and wonderful, creative and resilient web of nature. And to be clear, nature is a web of relationships which we are a part of; not apart from. So let’s tune in! We’ll start by practicing psychological death – letting go of who we have known ourselves to be and with our freshly shattered egos, we’ll meditatively drop in to our favourite nature spots, rekindling our relationships with nature and listening for some moments to whatever wisdom the earth might have to share.