Mindfulness FamJam and Nature Meditation Retreat at Bela Farm

Join the Consciousness Explorers Club at the gorgeous Bela Farm and barn for an immersive day of meditation in nature! You are invited to a hundred acres of open space where you will be greeted by grass under your feet, fresh air in your lungs and all the soothing sounds of nature.

This summer we’re offering two retreats in one day!

10am-2pm  Mindfulness FamJam – fun mindfulness activities for children of all ages and their caregivers

3pm-8pm Nature Meditation Retreat – mostly silent mini meditation retreat to connect to the nature around you and within you


Some snacks and drinks will be on offer, but please bring your own meal(s) and whatever you need to sustain yourself!

Free parking is available on site. If you are able to offer a ride to/from the farm, or are in need of a ride, please add your info to the RIDESHARE SHEET


Tentative schedules (subject to change):

Mindfulness FamJam

9:30-10am arrive for FamJam

10am welcome and introduction games

10:30-11am kid-friendly mindfulness practices

11-11:30am nature scavenger hunt

11:30-12pm picnic lunch

12-12:30pm crafternoon delight

12:30 – 1:30pm mindful movement dance party

1:30-2pm closing circle

2pm Mindfulness FamJam ends


Nature Meditation Retreat

2:30-3pm arrive for Nature Retreat

3-3:30pm welcome meditators and introductions

3:30-4:15pm guided meditation

4:15 – 4:45pm silent walking meditations over hill and dale

4:45-5:30pm silent meditation

5:30- 6:00pm mindful eating and social time

6:00- 7:15pm music and movement meditation exploration 

7:15-8pm wind down and closing circle

8pm Nature Meditation Retreat ends


This day is being offered on a “pay what you’re able to” model, with a sliding scale to accommodate all income ranges. The Consciousness Explorers Club is a registered not-for-profit with the mission of making meditation and personal growth practices fun and accessible to all.


CEC would like to thank Rochelle Rubinstein for her generous support! @bela_farm