Happiness Independent of Conditions -a day of meditation with Shinzen Young

Join us for a full day of practice, fun, and insight with Shinzen Young, one of the most well-respected meditation teachers in North America, and the CEC’s prime mentor and much-loved uber-nerd. In this experiential workshop, we’ll explore the nature of happiness, both the ordinary happiness that depends on conditions and the extraordinary happiness that is independent of conditions. You’ll learn how mindful awareness techniques develop basic attentional skills — concentration power, sensory clarity, and deep equanimity — and how these skills directly or indirectly, serve to optimize all dimensions of happiness. In addition, you’ll learn four specific focus techniques that can be used as happiness-enhancing strategies in the midst of daily life.

Shinzen‘s teachings reveal a gift for insight through unexpected analogies, illustrations, and humour, and he merges scientific clarity with a rare grasp of source-language teachings, East and West. Don’t miss this opportunity to sit and dialogue with a true master. Structured as a one-day retreat focused around practice and Q and A, this is a fundraiser for both the CEC and Shinzen’s Community for Mindful Living – funds will go toward helping both organizations expand programming and extend the benefits of practice to more people.


Fees & Registration

Tickets $100 via Eventbrite

*If ticket price is a barrier to attending, please contact the CEC at consciousnessexplorersclub@gmail.com to arrange PWYC tickets.*