Mind and Breath – A CEC weekend workshop with Therese Jornlin, assisted by Jeff Warren

For centuries yogis have understood the intimate relationship between the mind and the breath. Our habituated patterns of mind are directly reflected in the habituated patterns of our breathing. Want control of your mind? Take control of your breath. The breath is our greatest medicine once we learn to harness it.

“The cascading effects of shallow breathing are monumental, affecting every system of the body. The strain this presents on our biochemistry, over time, is life-threatening” — Cleveland Clinic

Yikes! But here’s the good news: After you meet your breath, you can listen and assess its needs and, together, you can open its capacity, slow it down and cultivate steadiness that will serve you in all of the ups and downs of life. Plus, breathing is free and always ready to play and serve you!

In this weekend workshop, you will learn how to breathe in movement and stillness, agitation and joy, stress and relaxation. It will help you:

• Heal and open your breath capacity
• Understand the anatomy, technology and spirituality of breathing
• Learn techniques to reduce stress, enhance concentration, support sleep and expand your capacity for vitality.
• Experience how your breath cycle connects you to other biological cycles and the earth’s cycles.

Breath as Medicine roots: Therese Jornlin studied in Chennai, India with Krishnamacharya’s primary student—A.G. Mohan—who encouraged her to curate a course for westerners to understand the necessity of breath in yoga and beyond.

The CEC’s Jeff Warren is thrilled to be collaborating with Therese for this workshop. Her common-sense approach to breathing and embodiment has, in his words, “enriched my life and turbo-charged my meditation practice – very happy to introduce Therese and her techniques to my Toronto community!”

Fees & Registration

Tickets $300 via Eventbrite

* if workshop fee is a barrier to attending, please contact consciousnessexplorersclub@gmail.com for scholarship opportunities