Seeing the Forest and the Trees

DATE: March 5, 2018

THEME: Seeing the Forest and the Trees

MEDITATION :  Honing in and Zooming out

INTERACTIVE : Colour me concentrated

Erin: To kick off the month, we’ll explore divergent directions of concentration practice, honing in on a narrow object of focus then zooming out to pay attention to the entirety of experience, and seeing how they contrast and complement one another.  For our introvert-friendly part 2, we’ll get artistically absorbed through mindful colouring, an increasingly popular meditative passtime designed to focus attention and calm the inner system through gentle repetitive motion.  Bonus (totally optional) extrovert-friendly part 3 post-CEC field trip to our new favourite local watering hole The Gaslight, just up the street from our Mosaic home, to further practice concentrating on making conversation with other meditators amidst all the glorious distractions of a loud and low-lit bar.


Director of Programming, Teacher

Erin spends her days running a youth centre and various support programs for low-income children and youth in downtown Toronto. She also spent many years directing plays, teaching drama, and facilitating “Popular Theatre” projects. She lives in Kensington Market, travels as much as possible, and for some reason enjoys talking to people about their feelings. Erin started … Continued