Surrender to your higher self

DATE:  February 19

TEACHER:  Stephanie DeBou

THEME: Surrender to your Highest Self

MEDITATION: Mountain top realizations

INTERACTIVE:  Gonna try with a little help from our friends


Steph: Ever wonder what’s holding you back from reaching your highest aspiration? Maybe it’s surrendering what stands in the way.  In part 1 we’ll explore through a visual / auditory journey on the path to reach your goals, and the obstacles and reactions you encounter along the way. In Part 2 we’ll join up with others that share similar goals, passions and aspirations to explore how community can support us, by finding common themes, letting go of what we thought to be true, and maybe even some help from our friends.

Location & Dates

Mosaic Yoga Studio – 225 Sterling Rd, Unit 23
Monday, February 19, 7:30pm


After spending 15 years in the corporate world, Stephanie started begrudgingly meditating in 2014 as a mandatory requirement of her Yoga Teacher Training. Little did she know 3 years later she would come to love sitting in meditation, as much and maybe even more, than moving on her yoga mat. Stephanie practices and teaches many forms of … Continued