True Nature

DATE: August 13th
TEACHER: Kevin Lacroix
THEME: True Nature
MEDITATION: Separations Within the Whole
INTERACTIVE: Industrial (True) Nature Walk

Kevin: The word ‘Nature’ can be a useful shorthand when we want to distinguish between the world of trees, lakes, mountains… and the world of, say, cars, smartphones, condominiums, pipelines, politics, etc. But whence* does that distinction – or any separation in our experience, for that matter – actually arise? A.H. Almaas writes about the indivisibility of ‘True Nature’. In tonight’s meditation practice, we will tune into the divisions we create in our experience, and in doing so, perhaps getting a taste of the ‘True Nature’ to which Almaas refers.
In the second half, we will walk this practice out into our neighbourhood’s industrial landscape and see if and how it might influence our sense of what is ‘nature’.
*Yes, I said “whence”. Blame Shinzen.


I started meditating back in 2010, upon being introduced to Jeff Warren and what was become the CEC. Around that same time I was confronting a felt sense that if I were to stop being ‘busy’, I would disappear.  While I understood that this made no sense, objectively, the more I tried to see through … Continued