Urban Meditation Retreat: Embodiment

Bodies! We’ve all got one. Or we’re in one. Or we are one? Come explore your relationship to your body and the age old question: what’s up with bodies? And how does our conscious experience tie in with the experience of having a body?


The Consciousness Explorers Club presents a half-day mindfulness and meditation retreat themed around embodiment, which is another way to say we’ll be droppping down into our bodies and exploring our somatic experiences. Treat yourself to four hours of quiet in the heart of the city, alternating between gentle guidance, silent sitting and moving meditations.


Cushions provided. Tickets available on Eventrbite



1 – 1:20 – Into and settle in
1:20-2:05 – Posture and alignment meditation
2:05 – 2:20 – Walking meditation
2:20-3 – Mindfulness and the body meditation
3-3:10 – Silent break
3:10 – 3:30 – Qi gong (gentle movement meditation)
3:30-4 – Silent sit
4-4:15 – Walking meditation or qi gong (self-guided)
4:15-4:45 – Silent sit (self-guided)
4:45-5 – Wrap up
5 – Optional dinner

Why a body focus?

We can get out of our thinking minds by getting into our feeling bodies. What we often find when we shift our attention from the thinking mind to the sensing body is a deeper sense of knowing – a resonant wisdom beneath the never ending chatter of the thinking mind. There are a number of ways this wisdom can express iteself and be integrated into our experience. We’ll be exploring pathways into the body and techniques to support what emerges.

“We find in the body an objective witness to our life that has no investment whatsoever in our skewed ego-versions of things. In addition, our Soma not only knows the truth of how it is with us, others, and the world, but it appreciates and, in a strange way, delights in everything. Even more, it wants to communicate this to us and provide mentoring. Our Soma is literally an infinite ocean of practical wisdom.”

― Reginald A. Ray, The Awakening Body: Somatic Meditation for Discovering Our Deepest Life

Then what?

Sitting sure can work up an appetite. Those who like are invited to join us for a social dinner afterwards.


Ticket prices are tiered for this event. Each ticket type gives access to the same event and programming. Tickets available on Eventbrite.

Some scholarships and free seats are available to those for who price is a barrier – please contact us to inquire about these spots – info@consciousnessexplorersclub.com

The CEC is not a nonprofit. To keep the CEC running smoothly and to expand our offerings and reach more people, we need your support. We ask that you pay according to your means.


Guidance will be provided by Jude Starr and Caitlin Colson