Winter Reset: Mind, Body, Life

here there be pirate treasure

Winter meditation and movement retreat with Jeff Warren and Scott Davis. This year we’ve chosen Costa Rica, the beach town of Nosara, a soulful retreat center called Jungle’s Edge. Expect body entrainment to natural cycles, evening life-reset adventures, and group meditations that will build in richness and insight and existential delightfulness through the week, until, six days in, everyone is capable of conducting lightsaber battles in their mind with the forces of darkness, thus paving the way for harmonious merging with the distant grey whales, whom we can see on the horizon and with whom we share an affectionate creaturely rapport. Onwards!

Now open for registration. Here is a poster PDF:


Pricing, example schedule, registration information and a more detailed (and useful) description can be found  here.


“Jeff is a spectacular teacher. He is connected, brilliant, impassioned, funny and self-effacing. He overflows with enthusiasm for the subject matter. He listens intently to each person’s experiences in a real human way. Jeff’s mix of self-care and science is perfect for the skeptical-minded cynic. ”
– Matt Beam, writer and photographer

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