Location: online! Zoom link provided with registration
Dates: Friday, April 10th, 9am - 9pm

Join Team CEC for a full day of meditation practice exploration to help bolster inner resources and stay connected in these troubled times. The Consciousness Explorers Club is offering a chance to retreat with our team of teachers for an epic day of practicing in virtual community. 8 plus hours of meditation and discussion, addressing the needs of the moment from a range of contemplative perspectives.

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Location: Mosaic Yoga - 225 Sterling Rd,#23
Dates: Sunday, May 3rd 12:30-4:30pm

Spring cleaning for the body, mind and soul.
Join Stephanie DeBou and the CEC for a day at the meditation spa: 4 hours of guided meditations, therapeutic, self-guided body work, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra.

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Location: Ecology Retreat Centre
Dates: Thursday, August 13th @ 11am to Sunday, August 16th @ 4pm

With a mix of guidance and silent practice, explore the fine grains of feeling, sound, rest, surrender, play, loving-kindness, then let the insights build while activating them in a community of fellow explorers intent on taking what they learn on the cushion into their lives. Not a retreat. This is an ADVANCE!

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