Unified Mindfulness Fundamentals 8-Week Course

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Learn to meditate or deepen your mindfulness practice with this 8 week intimate and interactive online course

Once again, we are pleased to offer an 8-week course in the fundamentals of Unified Mindfulness.

If you’ve been to a few CEC Monday night meditations, you’ve likely heard the name Shinzen Young at some point. Shinzen has been an influential teacher for many in the CEC community. His secular framework for organizing and elucidating what all contemplative practices (‘east, west, ancient, modern, as he would say) have in common is called Unified Mindfulness.

Over the 8 weeks of this course, we’ll cover 5 (possibly 6) foundational UM techniques while exploring their relationship to the big picture of why we practice, how mindfulness skills can be developed and applied in daily life, and how challenging life situations can become opportunities to deepen our practice.

If you already have an established meditation practice, this course can help you refresh and deepen it by looking at it though a different ‘lens’ and seeing how it relates to the broader spectrum of meditation techniques. If you are new to meditation, this course will give you a foundation of new technique options that you will be able to use, on and off the cushion, for life.

The 8-Week Unified Mindfulness Fundamentals will be led by fellow Consciousness Explorer, Kevin Lacroix. A long-time CEC teacher, Kevin has worked extensively with Shinzen Young over the past 10 years (on residential retreat, one-on-one, and as a co-teacher on week-long retreat), is a Unified Mindfulness level 2 coach, a regular assistant in the UM Level 2 teacher training program, and will be a Mentor for the upcoming 3rd and final phase of Unified Mindfulness teacher training.


I started meditating in 2010 with Jeff Warren, in the early days of the Consciousness Explorer’s Club. I wanted to learn to meditate to free myself from feeling like I needed to always be busy and overtasked just to validate my existence. In meditation and mindfulness, I saw the opportunity to connect with – and live from … Continued

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Fees & Registration


This course is also serving as a fund-raiser. 100% of the money collected from the admission fees will be donated to The Indian Residential School Survivors Society.

Fees – As is the CEC’s MO, the fees are flexible, depending on your financial situation.

General Admission: $150

Subsidized Admission: $80 for those who face financial barriers

Pay What You Can: If the financial hurdle is still too high, we get it! We’d still like to make the course available to you, so we’re reserving a few PWYC spots for those who couldn’t take part otherwise.

Pay-it-forward: $240 (or as much as you like). All funds will be donated to The Indian Residential School Survivors Society by the CEC, so whatever additional contribution you can make will be deeply appreciated.


Tuesday evenings, 7:00 – 9:00PM* EDT, via Zoom, July 6th – August24th .

Zoom link will be provided after registration.


Admission will be capped at 16 people so that, within the 90 minute sessions, there is enough time for everyone to ask questions, share reports and get support.

We ask that, if you apply to take the course, you can commit to missing no more than 2 of the 8 sessions, to be able to take full advantage of how the individual sessions work together as a whole. If you don’t think you can make at least 6 of the sessions, then we recommend waiting for the course to be offered again (which is likely, either within the CEC or by Kevin, independently).

*Some evenings might end by 8:30, but to be safe, we want to plan on 2 hours to allow for plenty of Q&A time at the end of each session