Wake Up To Your Life

I feel like I was placing my faith in spiritual teachings and teachers, trusting that they had knowledge or insights that I needed, all the while overlooking my own inner wisdom as to how I should actually live my life.
This far-off idea of awakening, with its promise of everlasting peace and fulfillment, was distracting me from waking up to my life as it is. 
I now understand awakening as a process of coming more into reality.

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A Few Thoughts About Waking Up During a Pandemic

What does it mean to ‘wake up’?  Allow me to take a stab at my own definition – just for kicks – based on my limited experience and training:

If we welcome and pay attention to what’s happening in sensory experience, the experience of separateness reveals itself to be part of the activity of absolute non-separateness.  

Or something like that.

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