CEC Summer Retreat

We begin on the morning of Thursday, August 9th, and wrap up in the afternoon of Sunday, August 12thThe Ecology Retreat Centre is located in Hockley Valley, Mono, Ontario – a 60 minute drive from Toronto, Ontario and a 45 minute drive from Pearson Toronto Airport. There will be car pools for people coming from out of town.

Not a retreat. This is an ADVANCE

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We sit in MEDITATION throughout the day, a mix of solo and guided excursions into sound, energy, openness, silence, gratitude, and rest, as well as more dynamic movement and nature meditations. Each of these is an adventure into a different corner of human experience, a fresh inquiry into who and how we are, a unique exploration of consciousness. As the meditation and the silence settle our minds, we begin to make contact with a nice stillness …


… thus opening a space for our late afternoon ACTIVATION sessions. Here we build on our meditation insights by playing with them live, in community. So: how to work with the energy of our self-consciousness, how to trust our own spontaneity and creativity, and finally how to help others by using our own honest direct experience as both teacher and guide.



we wish to make a human party
we wish to make a human party

The CELEBRATION here is what emerges naturally when there’s trust and relaxation and the right proportion of irreverence. So: we might recreate embarrassing moments with theatre props, or explore the deranged richness of our imaginations in an evening drum-journey and art practice, or we might explore movement and dance – eyes open or closed – maybe with the instruction to dance like robots, or barn animals, or whatever it takes to free ourselves from the social pressure to look “good.”

Basically we have a good time. And why shouldn’t we? What else is meditation for if it can’t deliver on that?

Meditate, Celebrate, Activate

Sit to find the freedom, move to warm it up ’til its so hot you got to let it out, spread it out, which takes you back to a Consciousness Explorers first principles: Meditate, Celebrate, Activate. Repeat.

For real keeners, you can read the retreat manual HERE.


Photos from Last Summer’s Retreat

Location & Dates

Retreat begins on the morning of Thursday, August 9th and wraps up in the afternoon of Sunday, August 12th

The Ecology Retreat Centre is located in Hockley Valley, Mono, Ontario – a 60 minute drive from Toronto, Ontario and a 45 minute drive from Pearson Toronto Airport.


Founder, Chief Exploration Officer, Teacher

Jeff is a writer and a meditation instructor. His primary subject is the mind, whatever that is. He is the co-author, along with Dan Harris and Carlye Adler, of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, as well as the author of The Head Trip, a travel guide to sleeping, dreaming and waking consciousness. He has won awards for … Continued


Co-Founder, Director of Conjubilation, Teacher

James is a physician and author, both of the international bestseller “Six Months in Sudan” and more recently, “Life on the Ground Floor“. He practices emergency medicine and trauma at St. Michael’s, Toronto’s inner-city hospital and is an award winning teacher at the University of Toronto. He directs a program that works with Ethiopian partners at … Continued

james maskalyk

Executive Director, Teacher

Erin is excited to take on the task of executively directing the CEC, after spending the last decade of her life running a youth centre and support programs for low-income children and youth in downtown Toronto. She holds a BFA in Theatre from Concordia University, and spent many years directing plays, teaching drama, and facilitating … Continued

erin blue hammock

Fees & Registration

Cost $650 shared accommodation (limited number of s̶o̶l̶o̶ ̶r̶o̶o̶m̶s̶ ̶a̶v̶a̶i̶l̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶$̶7̶2̶5̶ (SOLD OUT) and camping spots for $525)
Payment by e-transfer or credit card via paypal (please add $20 to credit card payments to cover paypal fee)

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